50 years later

Abril Olaetxea, Jon

Elhuyarreko koordinatzaile nagusia


Elhuyar turns 50 this year. It is not a trivial mark, as it was born for the promotion of the Basque and science and managed to extend its work to many other areas. This generation, which made a courageous effort 50 years ago to get the Basque out of the square, deserves recognition and recognition. The younger generations have taken over and we continue to wish to breathe new life into the Basque language, both in science and in other disciplines. The development of dictionaries, translation, Basque plans and projects to promote the Basque language, artificial intelligence and the development of language technologies, equality, participation, communication, services, the diffusion of scientific culture and the promotion of STEAM are, today, our lines of work aimed at social transformation. A qualified professional team composed of 100 people to develop the Basque language from many angles.

Like the revitalization of the Basque country, Elhuyar has not had an easy path in these 50 years and must fight every day to continue to access new areas, to obtain resources and make its work visible. But we are also convinced that all the partners, subscribers, clients, sponsors and workers that we are part of the Elhuyar community make an essential contribution. To all of you who have been with Elhuyar in these 50 years, we can also thank you for this anniversary. According to our mission, from the Basque, through technology and knowledge, and through the dissemination of science, we want to continue working in the construction of an active, critical and egalitarian society another 50 years.

And like the Basque country, science has made great strides in 50 years. In this special issue science is also the central axis, but we have wanted to take a look, 50 years ago, 50 years ago, looking for answers to the challenges facing our society, just as Elhuyar's mission has been throughout this time: to ask new questions, to promote knowledge and to disseminate it. It is not useless to change knowing as motto. Congratulations Elhuyar! And congratulations to all the Elhuyar!

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