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The title of June is as follows: we live in the world of climate change. Physics and media. The latter is evident, as we hear words on the subject until it becomes background noise. And yet we often act as if we were deaf. There is nothing more to do with the solution we want to give to the economic crisis: the promotion of consumption is one of the actions to be carried out. We must consume to maintain production and not destroy jobs. And for this, subsidies are possible, since we put conditions for the consumption that we will promote is “sustainable”.

Our model is a big crazy wheel and we are trapped. But since we do not know how to escape, or as we know, we do not have the power to do, we are there, giving us a little brake, trying to brake the mad wheel. Who dares to push the brake with enough force?

Climate change is, in short, one of the indicators of our vicious circle, and that is why so many excuses are put to it. Because the uncollected data is not clear. The graphs of the climate indicator variables are used, showing almost the same image: a curve that accelerates with industrialization and population explosion. And the same goes for other variables related to environmental health. If behind there had been a species other than Homo sapiens, we have long called it plague. But we find it difficult to recognize ourselves as such and, although the data is clear, the consequences that can be derived are more diffuse, we have only half opened our ears.

We have to know that it will hurt us. A few weeks ago biologist Miguel Delibes assured in the lecture series “The Word of the Rocks” that we are the ones who need a healthy planet, that works in the conditions so far. Not the other way around. Therefore, if our concern for the planet we have fully humanized is not enough reason, either by selfishness. Wheel crazy before leaving the rails.

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