Battery capacities and desires

Carton Virto, Eider

Elhuyar Zientzia

Now with a mobile we can carry the world in our pocket. Portable devices have brought us enormous capabilities and scope, as well as freedom, until we have to join one of them. Until you blink the last dash of the battery. Then we realize the short chain that has portability. Far from a plug, in a few hours the capacity, scope and freedom of portability is exhausted.

In this magazine we have started to look for a battery that lasts a month or more, and just start we have discovered that sleep is a chimera. Yes, for the moment. If the duration is one month, it cannot be portable and if it is portable it cannot last one month. The history of batteries is a journey between improvement and balance. “Well, nice and cheap, choose two,” says the expression, and the battery technology.

However, the market wants a trio and experts, against what you might think, see their hope outside the sustainable world. Precisely, the electric and hybrid car industry will bring the next generation of “good, beautiful and cheap” batteries. The last one was that of lithium batteries, created in the early 90's and currently found within all our mobile phones, cameras, MP4 readers, etc. Lithium allowed the introduction of smallness and capacity into the same battery and, jumping from the world of the smallest, the electric car industry is currently being developed by the hand of lithium. According to the “visionaries” consulted by us, it will be a matter of a few years to know if the automotive industry will return the momentum to the portable device industry.

Perhaps it is possible, then, to have a small portable battery to use without recharging for a month, which can last the flight to America. Or maybe it's a chimera. Or it may be absurd by then, because the dance of the market wants to find elsewhere the trio of good, beautiful and economic characteristics.

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