Do you eat healthy? Follow the signs of your body

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Skin grains, dry skin, weak and fragile hair, deep holes, bad mouth breath... are very common and frequent symptoms. In our body there is something that is not going well. And the reason, in most cases, is usually inadequate. According to these signals sent to you by your body you can know what is missing or what is left of your diet.

Face, mirror health status

Stand in front of the mirror and check your face. You will find signs that will help you assess your health.

Deep dark circles

In many cases, holes are signs of toxins in the body or a shortage of iron and vitamins. The habit of eating fatty meals for dinner also produces eye holes, since the digestion of these foods, being slower, causes them not to rest properly during the night. Excess salt in the diet also causes fluid retention and the appearance of bags under the eyes.

What to do? Check your diet and avoid missing meat muscles and green leafy vegetables (as they are iron-rich foods). It reduces saturated fats (red meat, sausages, bacon), precooked foods and salty foods, especially during dinner.

Grains and oily bark

It can be a sign that the liver and intestine should make an excessive effort for excess fat. By not being able to completely clean the body, toxins accumulate in the skin. Otherwise, they may indicate the absence of vitamin B6, which regulates the secretion of superficial fat.

What to do? Reduce the amount of fat ingested and add those that are rich in vitamin B6 (cereals, legumes...).

The habit of eating fatty foods for dinner causes dark circles, since the slower digestion of these foods causes them to not rest.

Dry skin, peeling lip skin

These are clear signs of your skin's lack of hydration, probably because you take little fluid in your diet. The shortage of vitamin B2, responsible for keeping the skin and mucous membranes in good condition, can also lead to drying of the skin.

What to do? Drink at least two liters of water a day. Eat more foods rich in B2 vitamins

vegetables, cheese, eggs and milk

Your hair tells us

It is not just an aesthetic problem. Hair problems provide us with valid information to know our health status.

Salvado y descamado

On the one hand, inadequate nutrition and on the other, excess stress can cause an increase in the process of keratinization of the skin, with the consequent appearance of dandruff. But it can also be due to excessive consumption of dairy products, especially whole milk and cheese.

What to do? Eat fresh fruit and cereals, better if they are whole. Temporarily reduces consumption of whole milk and cured cheeses. Instead you can eat yogurts.

It is advisable to reduce the consumption of coffee and alcohol to avoid headache in sensitive people.

Weak nails and hairs

They can be a symptom of the lack of vitamins and minerals (mainly calcium and iron). These symptoms appear when overly strict weight loss diets or unbalanced dietary measures are performed.

What to do? Enrich your diet with foods rich in calcium (dairy, soy, sardines, spinach or spinach) and iron (meat, egg yolk, lentils, chard, spinach, tomato, etc. ). ).

And when health fails...

Other bodily signals may also be of interest to assess our diet and analyze the possible effects of this diet on our health.

Bad breath in the mouth

Difficult and difficult food digestion (red meat, sausages, butter, etc.) Bad breath in the mouth may be due to excessive consumption.

What to do? Take refreshing foods (lettuce, parsley, mint infusions, etc. ). ). If you have acetone problems, you should take sweets.

Spicy or spicy foods increase marked veins or varicose veins.

Marked (red) veins and varicose veins

They can appear on the face, but especially on the legs. They indicate slow circulation and loss of elasticity of blood vessels. Constipation, alcoholic beverages, and spicy or spicy foods make the problem worse.

What to do? Foods rich in fiber should be taken to relieve constipation, such as whole grains, legumes, and plums. Onion and garlic improve blood circulation. And foods rich in vitamin C (citrus, pepper, cauliflower, etc.) strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


In some cases, the origin of headaches can be a certain substance (such as glutamate, tyramine, or nitrates, for example), which can cause headache in sensitive people. Do not forget that these products abound in Chinese food, cured cheese, nuts and red wine.

What to do? Eat in moderation. Reduces coffee and alcohol consumption.

Yellowish teeth

Drinks with teas, coffees and dyes age the surface of the tooth and change color.

It is convenient to take vegetables and fruit to face the problem.

What to do? If you drink any of these drinks, wash your teeth as soon as possible and use whitening paste.

Color of the tongue

If the tongue is whitish, the liver or stomach indicates overload. Lighten your diet and replace caloric foods with fruit and vegetables.

If it is reddish and increased indicates vitamin deficiency. The yellowish tongue is the usual language of large smokers.

The dry tongue may indicate excessive consumption of medicines, especially sedatives. It can also be a sign of breathing problems (snoring, open mouth inspiration, etc. ). ). Finally, the bluish tongue indicates the lack of oxygen in the blood and we may think there is some heart problem.

Do you really eat well?

There are some mistakes that we make almost unconsciously and that can be due to health problems. Let's see the most common ones:

Eating often out It is not a healthy habit, as restaurant dishes are more caloric and with more species than those cooked at home. If you have no other option, try to order light dishes: salads, vegetables, fish.

Restaurant dishes have more calories and species than those prepared at home.

There would be no problem if we took light and healthy foods (yogurt, fruit, homemade juices, infusions). We should discard odé, chocolate, chips, sausages, sweets, etc.

Having breakfast little or nothing is the main meal of the day. Breakfast should include carbohydrates (bread, cereals...), proteins (milk, yogurt, cheese...) and vitamins (fruit or juices). If we do not have enough breakfast, we will not have enough energy to face the day and between meals we will be more eager to eat.

Eat too fast How long do you need to eat? If they are less than 20 minutes you eat too fast. And eating too fast generates winds and hinders digestion.

Eating too many fatty foods Too many meats, fried foods and sausages... so the liver has to act to full to assimilate them. This can cause many health problems.

We should eat at least three pieces or units a day. And today we have a great opportunity. If it does not, it is very easy to find the shortage of vitamins and minerals.

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