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I propose a brief experiment. Please open your web browser and access the home page of your favorite internet browser. Type in energy and say search. What results have you given? Millions of bets, right? How?
Autumn Fable
01/11/2007 | Irazabalbeitia Fernandez, Inaki | ELEKA Ingeriaritza Linguistikoa

If you have selected Google, the first four will be, respectively: Corporate page of the EVE in Spanish, definition of the concept of energy in Portuguese Wikipedia, Energia Network website in English and information on the Soviet launch of Energy in English.

By choosing Yahoo, Alexa or other search engine you will get similar results. Try it if you like it!

The question is that you want to do a job about energy. For this you are looking for information and, in addition, so that you do not have to be translating, you have more information in Basque.

You have started to explore results pages. It has been a half dozen years and has left no trace of the results in Basque. On the contrary, he has seen in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan... What to do? Keep passing pages? Tumatxa, you! I will not take this workshop!

Eureka! Doesn't Google have a system to choose the search language? Click on the Advanced search button. You have seen the option Show pages in this language and then a box with any language appears. Can you choose Basque? Open the list of options! German, Arabic... Ukrainian and Vietnamese. No trace of Basque. Desperate, you have chosen Castilian. Second result of the introduction to Wikipedia. Click and start preparing to become a translator.

Ring! Segapoto sound. Message from your closest friend, "bgira au". What is it? You have typed the address. A clean leaf has appeared to you, a square in the center. Says the search engine ELEBILA in Basque. It has chopped energy in the box and after the return key. Search results are appearing on screen. It has surprised you. All the results are in Basque! The first, in addition, is the energy input from Wikipedia. You have become angry because you have been saved.

Irazabalbeitia Fernandez, Inaki
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