From heaven to space

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This year we celebrated the International Year of Astronomy, which marks four hundred years since Galileo first looked to the sky with a telescope. Of course, the passion for knowing what heaven was did not arise then. Before him, many others spent hours looking up to heaven, trying to understand and explain what they saw above. Since the time of Galileo, however, human beings have had the opportunity to look not only at heaven, but also at space, and four hundred years later we are able to see the deepest universe.

We have retreated practically until the creation of the universe thanks to the power given to us by the descendants of the telescope. XXI. In the twentieth century, man is able to receive signs of enormous antiquity and interpret and integrate them into the scientific theories of heaven. Galileo would love, for sure, Hubble, Spitzer, Chandra, Planck, and the great telescopes we have built at the tips of volcanoes and.

These tools explore, in ever greater detail, the visible space and what human eyes cannot grasp, on an ever wider scale. Soon a member of the Great Millimeter Telescope of Mexico, the largest in the world of this type, will be added to the list. The Mexican telescope will collect information that reaches millimeter wavelengths from space, opening a new field to the spatial map, as only 0.01% of the sky has been explored by astronomers in millimeter waves to the present day.

The new telescope will seek to better understand the formation of stars and galaxies. In fact, four hundred years have not passed uselessly, but they still pass to fully understand the laws governing space and the universe. What would Galileo think about black holes, dark matter, accelerated expansion of the universe, irritated theory of everything? Thanks to astronomy (and physics), we now have the opportunity to enjoy the sky and space, and it is not an empty side. It was worth celebrating.

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