Scientific culture

Carton Virto, Eider

Elhuyar Zientzia

In this issue we have received a theme that corresponds to us in full. In fact, the communication of science inevitably makes us part of the system of science, technology and innovation. We are specialized in science communication and we are driven by a desire. And the sign of this commitment would be a society that does not bear the title of scientific culture: it will not have a pronoun, because it will simply be culture, like all the issues that we have tied today to culture, but culture, not culture.

However, there is no culture without society, so it has worried us more than the rest of the conclusions one of the attitudes of the inhabitants of Euskal Herria on science, technology and innovation. The study carried out in this journal states that they do not have special interest in issues related to science and technology, unless they are useful in their day to day. The conclusion is not new, to tell the truth, and has not caught us by chance. It has already been collected in the opinions of the Eurobarometer at European level or in the FECYT surveys in Spain. This first study carried out specifically in Euskal Herria confirms, therefore, something we already knew.

However, it is worrying about wisdom, because it lowers the basis of our will. And if we don't have a special interest in science and technology, what do we want for our society? Enlightened scientific despotism? Some of us would not like it and fortunately it does not seem. The study participants have a strong opinion on scientists and the science and technology system, are very critical of active scientific policies and are clear that it is essential to maintain a critical spirit in the face of science and technology. This is not having a special interest in science and technology, it is a contradiction. But it is not baladí. And it is an obstacle to the spirit that drives us and a good excuse to do science and technology without people.

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