Fukushima, restlessness and need

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Two and a half years after a first earthquake and tsunami, Fukushima's Daicchi nuclear power plant was destroyed and a nuclear catastrophe occurred. And the situation remains far from controlled. On the contrary, the distrust in the management being carried out by the owner of the plant, Tepco, and the position of the Japanese government is very large.

The main concern now is the water they have in the tanks. For the cooling of the reactors 400 thousand liters of water are used daily, which are stored in the tanks where radioactivity is eliminated and poured into the sea. In total there are thousand tanks leaking tanks, not only tanks but also reactors. Radioactive water is being mixed with groundwater and is being poured into the sea, and to curb it, the plan commissioned by Tepco has been supported by a small number of people, given the poor management and communication that is being carried out after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Although the Japanese government announced in early September that it would take responsibility for cleaning plans, the scientific journal Nature has not considered enough. In September, an editorial noted the need to create an international team of experts, a solution to look together.

Ken Buesseler, researcher at the Wood Hoods Institute of Oceanography, and one of the people who from the beginning has been studying radioactivity from Fukushima to the sea. It calls for the participation of independent experts to investigate the consequences of the ocean, conduct an impartial analysis of its consequences and present results to the increasingly skeptical public. In the interview given to Elhuyar magazine he was very concerned about emissions from tanks and buildings, and warned that the priority should be to stop them. According to him, there is currently more radioactivity in tanks and fuel bars than in 2011, and any new accident can cause more damage than the initial incident.

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