Sustainable, exemplary and extensible building

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The European Union has set the 20-20-20 target for 2020: reduce energy consumption by 20%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and increase renewable energy by up to 20% of the total. And one of the lines to meet this goal are buildings and constructions. In fact, according to the directive published in 2010, the new buildings will already have almost zero energy. That is, the building itself must be able to generate most of the energy it consumes using renewable energy.

This is the aim and philosophy of the main building of the city of innovation of Orona Ideo: Spectacular Orona Cero. He is precisely one of the protagonists of the main report of this issue, at the hand of his architect Xabier Barrutia. Orona Ideo is the first set of buildings in Europe that has reached the highest level of sustainability certification and is already a symbol.

However, the 20-20-20 target involves extending sustainable building beyond the building's symbols, including common dwellings. And in this field, zero energy remains in the field of utopia, according to Iñigo Lizundia, professor of the School of Architecture of the UPV. From the point of view of energy efficiency, at best, the new buildings are far from the highest level and far from the old ones.

“To zero: In the report “Sustainable Construction”, two architects have analyzed the keys to combine model buildings and currents: classic urbanism vs. urbanism that takes into account the energy efficiency, the importance of a good restoration vs. the economic capacity of a good restoration, the requirements of the law vs. the limits of reality... Walk to heaven to symbolize symbols on the head and feet on the ground.

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