Magnetic Motion Train

Berlin and Hamburg come together in 2000 with a magnetic movement train.

In 1980 an experimental plant was built in Emsland, promoted by the German Minister of Research and Technology. This installation consists of a track section, a drive and operation system and the magnetic movement trains TR06 and TR07. The railway is located between Lath and Dörpen, 31’5 km. It was built on cement and steel pillars and does not interfere in the traffic of cars and trucks.

The magnetic movement train is based on the principle of electromagnetic suspension, that is, on the attraction forces generated between the electromagnets of the wagons and the ferromagnetic railways. By means of an electromagnetic control system the vehicle is suspended ten millimeters from the rail. A special length motor is used as impeller and brake.

This train is called “Transrapid” and reaches speeds up to 500 km/h. To reach 300 km/h you only need 5 kilometers and the noise generated is very reduced.

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