Does glass break like metals?

Glass and metals are broken completely differently. The metals are deformed before breaking. However, glass breaks sharply, which is why it is said to be a fragile material. However, according to the researchers of the University of Montpellier and the CEA laboratory, the fracture that occurs in both cases is very similar to that of the nanoscopic scale.

Fissures are usually performed by the binding of defective hollows in metals. Consequently, the surfaces separated by the fissures are rough at a micrometric scale. On the same scale, the fissured surfaces of the broken glass are smooth, but decreasing to the nanometric scale, wrinkles are observed on the surface of fissures as in metals.

To demonstrate that wrinkles appearing in glass are also due to defective hollows, topographic analysis of the fissure surface has been used. It seems that this research will contribute to improving the design of the glass structure and to know the basic mechanisms of the break.

Eusko Jaurlaritzako Industria, Merkataritza eta Turismo Saila