Teaching a Pauma

Roa Zubia, Guillermo

Elhuyar Zientzia

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The evolution of life in 4.5 billion years has not served Mr. P. Like any other trauma, it has a long and colorful tail, very bright colors, which makes a dance that attracts the female naturally. Evolution has not failed. The problem is the female Mister P. wants to court. It is not a female pauma, as it is not a pauma or a bird more. Mister P.'s love is the supplier of a gas station.

The fame of Mister P., who came every day to seduce the supplier in the English town of Brierly, was so stubborn that he also came out on the BBC news in 2006. The pauma mixed with the color of the dispenser and the noise it made during its operation. It sounds like the real females of pauma and deeply deceives Mister P.

From this anecdote, biologist Antonio José Osuna Mascaró writes a book: The error of the English turkey. "We laugh when we know the history of trauma," says Osun, "but perhaps humans also make mistakes of this magnitude. In short, we are empty animals."

That is the general idea underlying Osuna's book. We are animals and have the same behavior as animals, for example, we make other errors similar to the one Mister P makes.

The English pauma is the first and most important example of the book, but it is not the only story Osuna tells. Establish surprising relationships throughout the text. For example, it unites orcas and saccharin, explains what life is and interweaves many other stories. It uses physics and chemistry when necessary and constitutes a very entertaining story.

The book analyzes in depth how man sees himself and how other animals. And in that the basic idea of the book is especially interesting: we are animals. However, we are anthropocentric animals, which opens the way to reflection. Osoa's reflection in this book is very interesting in this sense.

The English Turkey Error
Antonio José Asuna Mascaró
University of Granada, 2012
210 x 140 mm
ISBN: Email address

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