“I am very clear what I would like to find life”

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Jesús Arregi responds immediately to Elhuyar's request. He is the regular contributor to Elhuyar. He has participated on numerous occasions in the program Norteko Ferrokarrilla, in the television program Teknopolis and in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Science and Technology of Elhuyar, among others. Again, it has not failed and has offered substantial answers.
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What has surprised, altered or fascinated you the most since you started working?

The truth is that there is no discovery or concrete fact. Now, for example, that the New Horizon probe has passed very close to Pluto and I am surprised how we are able to control this type of inventions for nine years, get there and do things as we think. Although I will soon be old enough to retire, they still ruin me.

Otherwise, I am surprised that people are not aware of the value of science. They use mobile phones without realizing how many people have worked first on basic science and then on technological development for what and perhaps to say that man came to the Moon is doubtful.

What really surprises me is the development force of science itself. One question brings another, because one answer opens the door to another place. This means deepening and spreading knowledge. That seems surprising to me, and I think society doesn't realize it and doesn't consider it. In my opinion, science is inherent in the development and development force, and for me that is more good than bad.

In this sense, I find fascinating the strength it has given to science since computers have been opened to advance, expand and deepen.

What would you like to witness the revolution or the discovery in your career?

I am very clear what I would like: to find life. Outside our planet, of course, and even if it is a very simple life. But, as I would like to go to the Moon, that is my dream, to find life.

It would be in the Solar System, because at the moment we cannot go to another star and we never know if we can do it, because the distance is huge. However, in the solar system itself there are places with conditions quite suitable for the development of life, even if it is very simple, such as the satellite systems of Jupiter or Saturn. It seems that there is water in addition to liquid, so the temperature can be adequate... I want that.

And I don't see it so far. I remember a few years ago, not long ago, I said on the radio that we knew space tourism and soon discovered that one went to space paying the money. So why not? If we were alive, and I think it can happen, it would be a cultural revolution. It would change the foundations of society.

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Jesús Arregi Bengoa (Aretxabaleta, 1958). He completed his doctoral thesis in Astrophysics at the UPV/EHU and since its creation he is a member of the Planetary Sciences group. Professor of Physics at the UPV and author of several books and articles.
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