Tips for Improving Physical Working Conditions (and III)

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The most common force action is the collection or transport of weight. Activities that require an important manual effort: handling of paddles, axes or chainsaw, tennis, etc. All of them produce vibrations or shocks.


The most common force action is the collection or transport of weight. As is known, to be able to do it properly without damaging our body, we must flex our knees to lift the weight of the soil; and keep it next to the body to hold or transport, keep our knees semi-flexed and contract the abs, both when we stand and when we start walking with the weight above.

To comply for those who work with violence

  • Avoid excessive or excessive efforts.
  • Catch and keep weights in the proper posture.
  • Protect the wrists and waist when the activity requires it.
  • Keep muscles strong and elastic, more than in other jobs.

Activities that require an important manual effort: handling of paddles, axes or chainsaw, tennis, etc. All of them produce vibrations or shocks. They affect the joints and especially the bracelets, which are the most fragile. Before performing a force activity, it is therefore convenient to protect the wrists to slightly tighten the joints and slow the transmission of vibrations.

• Hard and sliced jobs


The girdle can be found in typical costumes of all cultures, as an important complement. This garment complements the function of abdominal muscles protecting the lumbar area of the lesions.

Although the continued use of belt progressively weakens the abdominal ones, we must not forget that if we have to be bent for a long time or when we have to make some effort, it can be very useful.

Household chores domestic tasks

Practically all of the work done in the home can be included in one of the aforementioned activities. However, we will give some practical advice that will help us solve the problems that generate domestic tasks.

• The shopping basket is the only way to transport weights between us. In addition to fatigue, it can produce deformations in the spine, except when the basket is empty. To avoid these deformations there are at least three ways:

  • We do not carry weight with a cart. However, it would be much better for this cart to have another design and we would take it by throwing instead of throwing.
  • With the backpack, the weight is evenly distributed on the back.
  • If we do not want or cannot use the two previous solutions, take at least two baskets, dividing the weight between the two (but without filling them more than enough! ).

• The cleaning of dishes is also an uncomfortable and harmful activity, something to be thanked to the rascadores and designers of domestic kitchens:

  • Almost all the batteries are too low and too deep.
  • There are hardly any sinks with space for the feet. As indicated in the activities carried out on foot, it is also convenient to use some drawer, bar or similar to support the feet alternatively. Thus the lumbar curve will be smaller.

• When making the beds we have to slightly bend the knees and contract the abdominal ones. If we notice discomfort in that posture, we are uncomfortable or if the bed is too low, let us generate to make the bed. If in that position we also feel discomfort, do not make the bed. Register!

• Twists and sticks of broom and vacuum cleaners are usually very short and we should bend down. When purchasing this type of tools, it is convenient to contract abdominal muscles during the selection and use of which have a long setting.

Final Note Final Note

In this work we have not exhausted the subject, much less. For daily work not to be alienating, only a few factors have been mentioned, which must be changed. But together with the corporate part of the work are the relationships between colleagues, the schedule, the psychological pressure, the environment, the creativity, etc., and all these elements should be controlled and improved, since they have a greater impact than the income we have received.


That's what the chiropractor Scott Donkin proposes, to pause at the desk to do sporadic exercises. The body is essential to recover that position forced by most office work.


proposes in his book what we might call; what can be done without leaving the seat. The recommended movements are simple, and most of them would pass almost in unusual.

Here is one of Donkin's exercises. Lift your eyes often from work and observe some object located a few seconds to less than six meters. If we highlight the increase in tension, it is advisable to breathe deeply, slowly, taking air through the nose and expelling it through the mouth.

The covering of the eyes with the palms of the hands (for half a minute, with a minito) is especially recommended, such as the periodic stretching of fingers, hands, wrists and others. For those who give much of the day sitting in front of the desk, another beneficial move is to take the shoulders towards the ears as we turn back and forth. To maintain elasticity, it is good to bend the head towards both shoulders, stretch the legs slowly and move the feet around the ankles, while one knee and another rise to the chest.

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