Hypothesis, occurrence, or metaphysics?

Carton Virto, Eider

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The verse, at best, is a border territory. And it is that on the frontier of physics, cosmology and science itself there is the idea that, in addition to this that we know, there can be other universes and their research. And if they are not at the border, they are cross-border, because even if they existed, we have no tools to detect them, apart from mathematics. And that's not enough, much less if those math is local.

Consequently, there are those who consider the multiverse as the very territory of God. Because it is impossible to be captured by other universes. Because in the theory of multiverse the universes do not communicate with each other, they do not interact with each other. How to know that they exist, if we are isolated within one of them? And if we can't know, is it logical that the border territory defined by imabilities is considered a scientific object?

Some prestigious cosmologists are clear that yes and, under their shadows, have managed to be recognized. Moreover, if it were correct, it would not fill any gap, since the multisixth is one of the hypotheses of the need and the desire to combine gravity and quantum mechanics. XX. One of the obsessions of 20th century physics is precisely the conjunction of both. But are these aspirations and needs sufficient justification for developing this type of hypothesis? Many believe not. And more than a hypothesis, they have the multi-verse as an occurrence.

It is not known whether border cosmologists form a vanguard that makes impotence possible, or whether the multi-verse will die trapped in a blind universe. Perhaps it is conjunctural the impossibility of perceiving the multiverse, as in the past, the black hole, or perhaps it is structural, or there may be no other universe than ours. However, it cannot be denied that the multi-verse has adequate elements to attract the human mind. It brings a fascinating range of possibilities to the imagination and a great challenge to understanding. A border territory certainly.

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