The IPBES platform proposes recognizing the immaterial contributions of nature

Galarraga Aiestara, Ana

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A pastor in Rajasthan, India. Ed. Unai Pascual García de Azilu

A study by the IPBES platform concludes that the world must perceive more broadly the contributions of nature to the public. IPBES is an intergovernmental platform on biodiversity and ecosystem services, composed of 128 countries, led by BC3 researcher Ikerbasque Unai Pascual García de Azilu.

According to him, research conducted from the point of view of ecosystem services has taken into account the resources and raw materials offered by nature, but so far other contributions of nature have been discarded to the public. In the current research they have highlighted these other contributions that have taken into account culture, traditional knowledge, art and other immaterial contributions.

Pascual exemplifies a forest: “A forest is more than a place for leisure and contemplation of trees. A forest or a tree can harbor the identity of a people or a culture." Specifically, society should know that nature is not a mere supplier of matters for economic development: “It is essential to understand in a broad way the contributions of nature to people to understand the basic connection that unites us to history and our cultural identity.”

Article published in the journal Science.

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