Weaknesses of the Internet

Using the mathematical model, it has been proven that the same characteristics that make the network strong are also points of weakness. If Internet nodes begin to deteriorate randomly, 18% of the system would disappear, but the network would not break. However, if the attacks occurred on the most important nodes, the network would break into isolated sections and stop functioning.

There are two types of networks: one of them, in which all nodes are of the same importance and have the same number of links; the second, in which most nodes have a few connections and the third, in which there are few, many connections. Internet is of this last type.

In the mathematical model it has been observed that when random errors occur in the primary network, the functionality of the network is rapidly reduced. In the other, since most nodes are not of great importance, the incidence of random failures is less. But if important nodes are damaged, the network would fragment and stop. In the network with nodes of the same importance is more difficult than this occurs.

However, those who manufacture systems like the Internet know which nodes are important and, therefore, can protect them properly.

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