Fetal skin cells to heal burns

Swiss researchers experience a new method to cure serious burns with really satisfying results. Specifically, fetal skin cells have been used to regenerate the skin.

In fact, the cells were torn from the skin of a 14-week fetus. They were then raised on a collagen base and, in two days, the researchers had millions of cells. These cells have been used to treat eight patients with severe burns. The cells are placed in the wounds, covered with a gauze and after two weeks were completely healed.

With conventional methods it takes six times more to cure this type of burns. In most cases, skin grafts are done, that is, the skin is removed from another place and inserted into the burned part. But it takes months to heal and the scar remains. The use of skin cells leaves no trace, as they are extremely flexible.

Although the advantages of the method are evident, debate may occur in some places, as cells are removed from the aborted fetus.

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