Heat and cold from the car roof

This luxury car, presented by Mazda (1), has nothing strange at first sight, except one thing: That is, the practicable ceiling made by Sanyo (2).

This roof is made up of silicon solar cells. These cells feed the car's ventilation system in summer and recharge the battery in winter.

The one who governs the system is the receiver behind the car. Two fans start automatically when it is very hot.

Although the car has an air conditioning system, fresh air is obtained 30% before the aforementioned system. In addition, this type of ventilation eliminates cigarette fumes, powders and other contaminants that cannot be removed by the classic filtration system.

When the weather is cool, interior ventilation is not necessary. Solar cells then perform another function, that is, they automatically recharge the battery. If a battery, for example, has lost a third of its capacity, it can charge up to 100% in five days.

It cannot yet be said that this unique roof has been fully marketed, as it has been installed in very few cars. We do not know if this system will occur in the manufacturing chain or it is a mere publicity. In any case, the reader is tireless.

Eusko Jaurlaritzako Industria, Merkataritza eta Turismo Saila