People who exercise have lower mortality compared to covid-19

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A group of cardiologists from the Clinical Hospital of San Carlos (Madrid) has concluded that the exercise mortality of patients admitted for COVID-19 is eight times lower than that of those who live a sedentary life. The results of the research published in the journal Infectious Diseases and Therapy.

The research was conducted with 520 patients aged 18 to 70 who entered the first wave. These patients were divided into two groups: those who lived sedentary (57%) and those who exercised at least twice a week and 30 minutes at a time (43%). The result was net, with a mortality risk of 1.8% for exercise practitioners, compared to 13.8% for sedentary people.

In addition, it is observed that among those who have sedentary habits are more those who practice physical exercise who have respiratory failure (53% and 36%) and renal failure (14% and 6%). The inflammatory response has also increased in sedentary responses and has prolonged hospital stays.

After statistical analysis of risk factors, it is confirmed that age and tobacco are important factors for mortality (as many other research shows), but it is noted that sedentary lifestyle is another important independent factor.

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