What is STEAM education?

Ed. Pernan Goñi Olalde


The acronym STEAM collects science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Education STEAM works on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in interdisciplinarity. However, the letter “A”, which we have called as art, has acquired various meanings and, at present, has an integrative vision of all.

The STEAM education uses the methodologies necessary to respond to the challenges of the moment, so it is in constant development. Students XXI. develop the competences of the twentieth century to face autonomously the current and future challenges. They put the student at the center and collaborate, working on projects and becoming aware of the usefulness of what they learn, applying the work at a theoretical level in their daily challenges.

In addition, STEAM education, from the perspective of gender equality, should promote the use of methodologies that encourage the participation of girls in the field of STEM. Among other things, taking as an example the professional women of science and technology.

Finally, STEAM education needs the entire community. In addition to formal education, extracurricular activities, local agents, businesses and institutions must be part of the STEAM network.

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