Numology (V)

"10"Number ten

The number ten represents an infinite God without borders, one who carries with the number of God the number zero, symbol of infinity. If we add five zeros to ten, we get one million; if we divide the one million by seven magic numbers, we get the 142,857, the number of Eternity. By summarizing this number we get the number (1 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 5 + 7 = 27 and 2 + 7 = 9) nine. The number of eternity also includes all numbers from one to nine.

The number ten is the symbol of the end and the “end”, which represents death and decay. It is the first composite number, so the numbers greater than ten repeat the first cycle, with a higher degree of consciousness. It is the end of one cycle and at the same time the beginning of another. Fortunately, it shows the path of success in difficult situations.

It has been considered a sacred number and around it are known many mystical beliefs, which have their origin in the belief that the head of God, IO, was male and female: I is the penis of the male and O the uterus of the female, so it is believed that from the sum of both was projected creation.

Symbols: Ten serifotas de cabal; Virgo.

Number eleven

Scientists only use this number in exceptional situations when they consider it inappropriate to apply number two. In general, the eleven numbers are balanced: spiritual and material, positive and negative, good and bad.

Universal meanings: It is the number of light, the transcendental illustration and martyrdom; the sum of God (one) and the world (ten). The Jews know him as Lilith*, the first woman of Adam.

Personal meanings: The eleven numbers are born to help others: they can be teachers, evangelists, missionaries, politicians, etc., using their skills and knowledge. They have to do a lot of work and relate to eleven apostles. While trying to help others, they seem cold and carefree with their close friends. They are strong, intuitive and intuitive. They do not have much tendency to balance and their negative side can be disturbing. The eleven numbers have a confused double personality.

Negatives number eleven direct their energy to daring projects, which can be dangerous, bad, libertine and waste.

They have a cold head and you may think they live outside their surroundings. They are neither selfish nor jealous nor controversial.

positive: valiente, visionary, humanitarian, intuitive, energetic, disappointing, talented, prophety.Negative:
absurd, indifferent, evil, libertine, careless, satanic.

(* The first version of the myth says that Lilith was the first woman of Adam and, like her, arose directly from the earth; Eve was created by God after the flight of Lilith to replace her, as we all know.)

"13" Number thirteen

Contrary to what many believe, number thirteen has not always been associated with tragedy; however, the fact that Tarota's thirteenth letter is a death does not help to soften that character of number.

The ancient scholars believed that thirteen numbered had the key to power and dependency. They have often been used covertly. According to the Church of Christians, gathering thirteen people around a table is a disaster, as well as in India and Italy. In Japan, for its part, Friday thirteen is the day of congratulation.

In the pantheons of India there are thirteen Buddhas and in the beech forests of China and India there are thirteen mystical records. In Mexico it is a sacred number with thirteen serpent gods.

Keywords: Positive:
hidden, fatalistic, flexible, sacred, attractive. Negative: terror,
changing, misunderstood.

"22" Number Twenty-two

It is only used by scientists when its flat application is not suitable. It usually applies to special people. The twenty-two numbers are balanced, spiritual and material, positive and negative and good and bad.

Universal meanings: Two are the main reasons for stating that the number twenty-two is superior: on the one hand, that God has chosen a language with twenty-two letters, the Hebrew, and on the other, that he has not randomly chosen the sacred numbers. The number twenty-two has a hidden meaning. It is the measurement of the circumference when the diameter is seven – magic number. It is the number of the profile and the magician.

Personal meanings: Indicates light. The twenty-two numbers are energetic and ambitious. They are intelligent and think they are born out of time, that is, when they are too advanced. Dinner again and revolutionary. They are usually quick and loose, they don't have to sleep much and they are inherent in work. Some tend to the occult and mysticism.

Negatives number twenty-two can use their characteristics in criminal acts. They can be fanatics and evil and are fans of black magic.

They are jealous but do not accept. They are sincere, romantic, pleasant, fun and fun. They choose pairs of the same intellectual level.

Keywords: Positive:
creative, thoughtful, fortunate, authoritarian, understanding, spiritual. Negative: criminal,
fanatic, bad,…

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