Numology (IV)

Number eight

Universal meanings: Eight is the number of material success. It can be divided by two numbers and therefore has a quadruple balance, so it has also been considered a number of justice. It represents solid and complete. The time cycle consists of four seasons, two equinoxes and two solstices. It represents the future life for Christians and the Greeks believed it was an entire number. It is also the number of regeneration and is believed to be the union of heaven and earth spheres. It is also the number of force existing between the earthly order (square) and the outer order (circle). In addition, it relates to the balance of forces, the balance of different powers and infinity. It has double character and although sometimes indicates deterioration, in others it appears related to regeneration. Being the basis of musical proportions, it has also been called universal harmony.

Symbols: Saturn, Demetrius, Justice and Libra.

Symbol: double square

Personal meanings: It is the number of struggle, hardness and materialism. For the eight numbers there are no traps: they can achieve great success or great failure. They are generally passionate, enthusiastic and highly visible, encouraging and pushing them to achieve their goals. It is not a lucky number, so the eight numbers often bear losses and insults. They believe that the world does not understand and are very lonely. However, when they apply these characteristics to work, they can reach positions of power. They are discreet, adaptable, cooked and hard in nature.

The negatives of eight can be ruthless, besieged and unscrupulous; some seem arrogant, but in some cases you may think they are simple toys of fate.

In relation to the future, it marks the time to take steps forward, but only for those who are willing to work and assume responsibilities. Jealousy can be a loss of eight numbered and constantly demand fidelity. They also have difficulty expressing love, but when they really want you they are faithful and friendly. The debate is very common for the eight numbers; we always find it at the extremes of emotions, sometimes rough and indifferent and other benign and pleasant. As mentioned above, there are no intercalations for eight numbers.

Keywords: for the positive:
materialistic, hard, cooked, eccentric and
able to concentrate on the effort.

Number nine

Universal meanings: The numbering system of the Strands does not adapt the letter to this number because it was related to the concept of termination. For the Strands, only God can be everything. It is the triad of the triads and, therefore, is a number of great power, associated with the shield. It adapts to the situation of the corporate, intellectual and spiritual level, is the largest simple number and brings together the characteristics of others. This increases the creative force of number three and represents globality. Multiplied by another number, the sum of the figures of the result is nine (9 x 26 = 234; 2 + 3 + 4 = 9), reflecting a trend towards reality itself.

This male number is the vertex between mental and spiritual realizations, as well as consciousness and psychism. The ninth shows the eight steps of the life cycle and the elastic center. There are nine muses related to the nine months of pregnancy. It is a characteristic of matter and if it changes as matter never disappears.

Symbols: Martitz, nine winged white horses from Helios and Eskorpio.

Symbols: Stick and world.

Personal meanings: Those affected by number 9 are brave and disinterested, able to achieve great intellectual and/or spiritual executions. Your greatest risk is to heat blood, both orally and by action. Under the influence of Martitz, the nine numbered will tend to fight and if you ever head to the top you will find many enemies along the way. Persevering, imaginative and of great mental ability. They may also have a tendency to the arts.

The negatives of nine numbers speak before thinking, are uncharitable and have no deception problems. Any criticism puts on fire the negatives of nine numbers, which in general are arrogant, heady and heavy.

In relation to the future, this number indicates that a cycle is over and that the new one must begin. In his relationships, however, he ends. Struggles and confrontations are an important part of life. They are contrary to any intervention, both personal and family. They can also be reliable, loyal and adaptable. They need love and seek it to the point of being ridiculous.

Positive: human, healthy, fortunate and spiritual.Negative:
very healthy, arrogant and egocentric.

Number zero

Number zero means nothing, nihilism, nullity, not being. Before creation, empty. Its components are four equivalent to negative elements: nothing, nowhere, infinity and darkness. It also indicates invisibility.

It is equivalent to the process of self-destruction and is also a symbol of death. It is the starting point of the staggered scale and the positive and negative amounts are calculated accordingly. Hence it is the beginning of timed time and the moment of birth.

Along with number one, it symbolizes existence and absence. It is related to infinity, it is the symbol of the infinite value of existence when compared to not being.

Circle of a preconscious whole. Snake Ourobus with tail in the mouth, taking all things inside, surrounding them. Closed system.

Its lemniskato symbols, symbol of infinity in mathematics and infinity of hidden studies, eternity.

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