To the mountain, nuts

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Spring has arrived, ahead of this year, and an excellent time of the year with what the environment offers us to put the body in motion: on the slopes of the mountains, crossing the meadows and climbing a few, the most daring. All these movements will only benefit our body. But it should not be forgotten that when exercising, it is necessary to take into account the food and, if you want it to work well, you have to take into account the rules that must be taken into account.

First, remember that in all the exits you must bring the water to the side. As we all know, sweating and tight breath cause many fluids to come out and the body is 60% water. So be careful with water. If you intend to spend the day, do not forget to have breakfast well, with fruits and cereals like milk, and the rest of the meals of the day. The ham sandwich is not enough to spend the whole day, taking into account that the body will consume more energy than normal and will therefore have to recover more. Normally you need 2.000 kcal/day, this time more than 200 kcal/hour. Therefore, you must put more food in the backpack and be able to be light.

So what are you wearing? The best food for these departures, although there are differences between them, are nuts, among which they provide us with raisins, orejones, prunes, figs… carbohydrates and some vitamins and minerals. As for the main ingredients of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc., when it is treated of fats and proteins, there is a heavy digestion of them, with which this can suppose.

If throughout the day you have eaten a lot of dry fruit and when you eat a rich sandwich, when you return home in the evening you have been weakened, there is nothing like rice or macaroni, which will fill your “warehouses” with glycogen. With these simple tips, a light and pleasant trip awaits you.

Old age and kilol

The investigation of the process of 53 men who practiced elite sport for 22 years has revealed that, as age advances, all the aerodynamic and physiological capacities are decreasing in general. But this decline is not so evident among those who do not abandon sports training. Therefore, reader, even if you do not have too much time, never stop doing sport in moderation.

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