Body alarm signals

Agirre, Jabier

Medikua eta OEEko kidea

Our body is a very complex and precise machine. So when something changes in its operation, it sends us an SOS message. Of course, this signal has little value if we don't know how to interpret it.

It is not self-diagnosing, and less self-medicating, since both functions are the responsibility of the doctor. That's why, in most cases, we recommend you visit the doctor.

However, we should be attentive to these signs that the body sends us. Headache, back or belly pain, diarrhea, dizziness, discomfort, some fever, lack of appetite, tiredness, weakness, swollen legs and other symptoms. It may be just an unimportant discomfort that goes as it has come, but in relation to other symptoms may be the beginning of a more serious problem.

Therefore, when these symptoms appear, you should pay attention to age, see if they appear alone or accompany other alterations. And you'll have to ask yourself some questions. You will then see your doctor and tell him what you feel, as precisely as possible. Here you have the keys to detect and treat in time a possible disease that may be more serious.

In the following table you will find a small guide to understand some signs of the body.

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