Prudence and falsehood

Carton Virto, Eider

Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknologia aldizkariaren zuzendaria

Some want to eliminate mobile phone antennas and WiFi systems because they are harmful to human health. Research conducted and reliable meta-analyses of research have found no evidence, however, that these systems cause us harm, but some mistrust them. On the contrary, when they find some kind of damage, they do trust them. And also those who neutralize the waves that reach the mobiles. A sage invited by the City of San Sebastian offered a conference in which it was stated that the best are the Russians. Just as explanations about the operation of the patches have neither legs nor head. It serves the aragonfic jersey used to dress the patches; it seems more credible than the scientific jersey of scientific journals.

I don't know if mobile phone antennas and wifi systems are completely safe. Nobody knows it with 100% security. However, the data collected so far is much more consistent than the reasons why they do not care. A lot. The restlessness, and the enormous, produces something more: to see how easily these ghosts take root in society and how easily we renounce the true meaning of a prudent and intelligent attitude. In fact, in a society where technology passes so quickly from the laboratory to the market, rational risk management is essential, and for this we have, among others, the precautionary principle. Valuable and powerful tool. However, this movement against electromagnetic waves cannot be justified under the precautionary principle. Because it is soaked in pseudoscience, and, despite what is said, many are convinced of the damage. Some don't want to know if mobile antennas and WiFi systems cause damage. You know. And they sell a liar disguised as prudence. Let us be cautious.

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