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Stem cell treatments have aroused huge expectations that seem to be a solution for many incurable diseases today. Unfortunately, clinics that offer a lie hope have come to market long before real treatments. Scattered around the world for a fortune have been introduced stem cells and scams that promise to cure Parkinson's. They exploit the desperation of the sick, just as others have done before them. They are miraculous as man.

It is obvious that measures to prevent the operation of these clinics are essential. It is necessary to create rules and work hard with the sick so that they do not leave themselves in the hands of this type of scammers. And this requires information and work with strict ethical behaviour. Always. Miracles are harmful in all cases, even when they sell sugar.

Although the immediate side effects of both treatments are not the same, they are essentially no different. Hardly homeopathy will kill anyone, but this does not improve a Kiev doctor who introduces stem cells into sick family homeopates. And none of them has tried what they do by accepted scientific means. However, the conduct of the second one would be rejected unanimously by all, while the first one was granted the category of “medical action” last December by the organization that gathers the Spanish medical schools in “defense of social and citizen health”.

False stem cell treatments show us the most dramatic face of admirers and we must denounce them harshly. But they are all unacceptable. All break ethical behavior, all exploit the disappointment of the sick and all delay the day in which we live free of miracles.

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