Looking forward

Agirre Ruiz de Arkaute, Aitziber

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In the second wave of COVID-19 and with semi-confined Europe, a new protagonist appears among us: fatigue. It seemed like a good time to review the tools they are using to manage the crisis and look into the future, knowing that the virus will remain among us. We have looked at it from several vertices with the help of three experts: Microbiologist Miren Basaras Ibarzabal, epidemiologist Adrian Hugo Aginagalde Llorente and bioethics and law expert Iñigo de Miguel Beriain.

On the other hand, the philosopher Agustín Arrieta Urtizberea has helped us to address another current issue: What is critical thinking? XXI. It is one of the most important human skills of the 20th century. It has long been associated with the existence of great cognitive-rational capabilities, but it is increasingly clear that it is much more complex: it is closely related to the ability to identify their own fears and prejudices and question their beliefs. Arrieta has given several keys.

We have also brought the issue of mental health and medicalization. The conference “Gender, Medicalization and Mental Health” organized by OPIK and OSEKI has been very intense and we have collected in the magazine the comments that have been given in it by deserving. They start from a critical and feminist look at mental health.

Finally, we gave the floor to engineer José Ramón Etxebarria Bilbao, recently awarded the Manuel Lekuona prize by Eusko Ikaskuntza. His passion for Basque and science has given Basque society a rich legacy. With simplicity and sincerity, he summarized in one sentence his vision of life: “Participating in popular movements is a way for me to set up small revolutions.” Zorionak Joxerra!

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