Transparent emergency

Agirre Ruiz de Arkaute, Aitziber

Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknologia aldizkariaren zuzendaria

It is a crisis that will become visible as COVID-19 is overcome. It is not new and, unlike COVID-19, it comes slowly and with discretion. But they announce that I shake medicine from its roots. It's the antibiotic crisis.

Due to the resistance that bacteria are developing, it is increasingly common that common diseases cannot be cured with antibiotics that were previously effective. Moreover, any surgery or treatment that requires antibiotic prophylaxis may be threatened.

We decided to address the issue, driven by the worrying research that is constantly included in the editorial: “a super-resistant bacteria can jump from pigs to humans”; “the large amount of antibiotics used in the pandemic has facilitated the formation of super-resistant bacteria”; “naturally resistant bacteria have been found in Antarctica that can increase resistance to melting ice”; “antibiotics have been detected in animals raised without antibiotics”… We interviewed Lucía Gallego Andrés, a diffuse microbiologist who still looks like a crisis.

Other current topics are included in this issue. Artificial intelligence, for example. Many times the concerns and reflections that this technology entails come to light, and this time we have focused on art. We propose a question: Can you consider art the images, texts and melodies that artificial intelligence produces?

Finally, reflections on the socialization of science. Knowledge of science and technology cannot at all be the privilege of an enlightened elite. Science and technology are power, and a human right is to have understandable and accessible information about them. All, without exception. This issue is the colloquium between two institutions that have been integrating research in the Basque Country for 50 years: [Elhuyar and the EU]. In order to empower citizens, they have been forward-looking.

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