Our model of society in crisis?

Agirre Ruiz de Arkaute, Aitziber

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Lately it is becoming clearer than ever that we are in a widespread environmental crisis, at least in a climate, energy and ecological crisis. We perceive the need for change, but since our model of society and our model of consumption are so entrenched, the transition is being difficult. Gaindegia's data have made it clear that the energy transition, for the moment, is fictitious in Euskal Herria. The reflections of the leaders of Gaindegia and Goiener are readable.

And, as a complement, we provide the vision of an economist, BC3 researcher Unai Pascual García de Azilu. He has spoken extensively about the relationship between nature and economy, highlighting the consequences that has had on us and in the economy the distance from nature. It is clear that this socio-ecological crisis has many edges and we cannot solve them all, but we hope that this number will contribute valuable to reflection.

On the other hand, in the analysis section we have also addressed the challenges that artificial intelligence poses to us as a society. Artificial intelligence is also a manifestation of the world vision of our society. In view of their enormous capacity, there are those who say that they are developing too quickly; they see many questions to answer. Examples of this are the legal and technical issues raised by computer scientist Gorka Azkune Galparsoro and experimental psychologist Helena Matute Greño. And, in addition to their opinions, in the Free Topics section, the contribution of UPV/EHU researchers Olatz Arbelaitz Gallego and Elena Lazkano Ortega from a gender perspective.

Finally, we talked about a new treatment that is generating great hope in trying to cure cancer. We bring a variant of immunotherapy: CAR immunotherapy. It is not a treatment for everyone, but it is very hopeful. It opens a door to the failure of conventional treatments.

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