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Who am I? Who are we? What does it do to the person? The form of the question has remained intact since its birth in the mind of a human being, since a group of people first interrogated themselves. We say this at the entrance to the batch of articles we have prepared for this issue: “Homo sapiens. The man, the person. The only animal that wonders what becomes special.” We cannot say with certainty that our older ancestors also wanted to know that, but for thousands of years we have accompanied the pain of knowing about our personality. And in those thousands of years, the knowledge, ignorance and mythology of the time have shaped the answers.

The soul, the conscience, the inner self, the intelligence, the language, the culture, the god... have been placed at the center of humanity, of human nature, and we continue to put them. Apart from the rest of beings, in most cases, lately among the rest of living beings. In fact, we have said at first that the form of the question has remained intact, but the meaning has changed a lot. We have often sought the explanations, the proofs, the basis of human genius in the answers to the question “What does the person do to us?”, because if we were not divine, the hitman should be extraordinary.

To the extent that knowledge has prevailed over mythology, as nature, life, universe, brain and genome have become known, particularities have become very common, some rare, perhaps some exclusive of us. Many, almost all, do not know them thoroughly, but today we know without a doubt that our nature has been given by nature, and that they are the result of natural selection, god, culture, language, intelligence, inner self, consciousness and the liver soul of hands.

In fact, science, one of the hallmarks of human beings, has been the discipline that is teaching us who and what we are, and that is the way. Taking the words of the philosopher Jesus Mosterin, the explanation that satisfies us will come from its development when we understand the functioning of the brain and genes. After thousands of years, in the end we are at the time to know what the person does to us.

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