We are young, young

Agirre Ruiz de Arkaute, Aitziber

Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknologia aldizkariaren zuzendaria

Adolescence is one of the most important transitions that occur in human life: young people become adults amid great physiological, cognitive, sexual, social and emotional changes. Adults, however, sometimes have no capacity to support this process, as we tend to see problems in what characterizes human development. Thus, we have departed from the development of the human brain to look at adolescence as one of the keys. We have asked for help from Professor of Physiology, Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias, and Doctor of Psychology, Naiara Ozamiz Etxebarria, to explore the ins and outs of adolescence, because the perspectives of both are complementary.

In addition, we interviewed geologist Arantza Aranburu Artano. He has spent almost 30 years studying the evolution of the landscape in Euskal Herria and interpreting the stelae that houses the geological register. He has confessed that geology has given him a perspective for life. We have spoken long and deeply with Aramburu, trying to encompass this vision of geology.

And, among many other topics in this issue, we cannot forget lasers. Today lasers are reaching incredible potencies, almost close to what happens in the heart of the stars. One example is in Salamanca, the leading CLPU laser centre. What revolutionary applications will the laser bring this time?

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