Plastic fossils

The artist Martin Etxauri Sainz de Murieta proposes to the society several questions in the June issue of the magazine Elhuyar. The result of last year's CAF-Elhuyar creative scholarship is the intense bark of plastic trunks seen on the cover of the magazine and that leads us to reflection under the name of Fossil Plastics-Imaginary Trunks: “Will plastic sediments assume the role of stones in the formation of fossils, occupying the place of wood and becoming fossils of plastic trunks? Or will we ourselves, in an exercise of silly contradiction, create those plastic trunks to harden the surfaces of trees that no longer exist?”

Following the invitation to Etxauri's reflection, we have made an X-ray of an industry that is at the basis of these contradictions of our supposed developed society: the plastic industry and the chemical industry in general. Focusing on their deep problems, we have set ourselves up for the future, an industry that has to be reinvented.

We have gone further, how will the most dangerous waste generated by our society be preserved, which we do not know how to manage and leave for the following? For example, nuclear waste. How do we warn of the poisonous legacy we have left to future generations?

Finally, we have also published in this issue the winning works of this year's CAF-Elhuyar awards. And we interviewed the professor of genetics Ana Zubiaga Elordieta, Elhuyar Award of Merits. He tells us his concerns and dreams.

This is a number created in the shadow of COVID-19, but that at the same time wants to leave the daily SARS-Cov-2. Therefore, you have on the web all the content published around the virus and the health emergency that we have created day by day for you. Here are others. On this occasion and from now on, wrapped in biodegradable plastic, trying to overcome our contradictions with plastic.

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