Looking at the slits of the biosphere

Agirre Ruiz de Arkaute, Aitziber

Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknologia aldizkariaren zuzendaria

There are many ways to see how we are changing the planet. We have departed from the last calculation of the terrestrial biomass, looking at all the slots of the biosphere, and the calculation has revealed details that otherwise we would hardly have been able to perceive, really significant data. Three experienced researchers have helped us interpret this data: Arturo Elosegi Irurtia (UPV/EHU), Xabier Irigoien Larrazabal (AZTI) and Lur Epelde Sierra (NEIKER).

We have also made a break. The topic of sleep has been addressed from many shores, but is again in full actuality, seeing that many diseases can be directly related to lack of sleep. Sleep is literally a space to clean the trash that accumulates in the brain. And lack of sleep has many effects, including the immune system and hormone regulation systems. However, some of the activities that drive the current lifestyle do not help much to care for sleep.

We have also brought about human evolution. It is increasingly evident that human evolution is not a straight line but a path with multiple ramifications. This was discussed by researcher Joseba Ríos Garaizar in the interview conducted by Ana Galarraga Aiestaran in the presentation of the book before his mirror Sapiens, organized by the platform Booktegi. Here have been published some of the most illustrative episodes of this extensive interview.

Finally, we have published the winning works of the CAF-Elhuyar Outreach Awards. This year has been a special celebration in which we have been putting a small hook for students, researchers, journalists and artists to work on the socialization of science and technology in Basque. Congratulations to this year's winners and especially congratulations to UPV-EHU professor Jesús Mari Txurruka Argarate, who has received the Elhuyar Award for his great work in the dissemination of science and the normalization of Basque.

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