Escape to Tokaimu

Irazabalbeitia, Inaki

kimikaria eta zientzia-dibulgatzailea

Elhuyar Fundazioa

The accident at the Tokaimu uranium processing plant has once again revealed the weakness of the nuclear industry. It is an industry that has great achaques and in which the dependence of public opinion is one of the most interesting. And it is that this unfortunate accident, in addition to disturbing public opinion, has put political leaders to dance and have begun to claim that they will limit the nuclear industry.

The use of nuclear energy generates environmental problems in every step, from the extraction of uranium to the dismantling of nuclear power plants. Nuclear processes require strict and tight control, as the least accident can have serious and long-term consequences. The event to Tokaimu shows that the most demanding controls also have leaks. Nuclear accidents are no longer something that can happen in the chaotic states after the Soviet empire. They can happen anywhere and anytime.

Nuclear power has red risks, although some want to sell us as greenhouse medicines. This energy source has to be overcome if we want development to be sustainable, among others.

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