Alternative Nobel Laureate

Top Aklilu Lemma and bottom Legese Wolde-Johannes.

Two Ethiopian researchers have won this year's alternative Nobel prize for twenty years of research. This work has been rejected and relegated for twenty years and was not recognized by WHO (World Health Organization).

Aklilu Lemma and Legese Wolde-Johannes have developed a method to predict schistosomiasis. Schistosomiasis affects 200 million people in Africa and South America. The patient suffers from a weakness that can lead to death. The responsible is a flat worm that lives in the liver and other organs. The vector of these worms is a snail. Ikerlarion's work has been to find a product that kills the marrasquillo.

In 1964 Lemma discovered that the fruits of the plant of Phytolacca dodecandra had a violent toxin that kills rodents that transcend schistomatosis. Lemma began this work with enthusiasm at the Institute of Pathobiology of Adis Ababa.

In 1968 WHO published the first results of the study by Lemma. It showed that moluskozida is only found in the fruit of the plant. Subsequently, for five years, the small-scale demonstration of toxin began.

The government of Ethiopia needed the help of WHO to address the large-scale demonstration. But before the WHO gave money I wanted to know that the product is not harmful to man or to other animals. These studies required more money and the Ethiopians did not. WHO denied assistance. And it was worse to recommend that WHO give no money to potential donors.

But the Ethiopians were not frightened and did not become discouraged. They have continued to work.

We hope that the award will open the doors for grants.

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