Hippopopotamus Aerodynamics

The scientific name of this great animal is Hippopotamus amphibius and it can be said that it is a river horse. It protects your skin soft in the water and protects itself in the water from the attacks of the beasts. Adult hippopotamus can stay submerged for five minutes at a depth of ten meters, but the most interesting thing is its ability to dive. It can reach a speed of 20 km/h, despite the high resistance offered by water.

It can be said that it is a river horse. It is a very large animal, but it adapts very well under water. The hippopotamus can reach 20 km/h, although the water resistance is very high.

According to experts, the aerodynamic shape of your body allows you when you run to stay against the ground and not rise. The same goes for Formula 1 fireballs. The inclined end of the hippopotamus, in the fireballs, would behave like the rear spoiler.

In addition, the hippo has short legs and very low recording center. Therefore, when diving at 10 km/h, it has a force of 230 kilos to the ground and a power of 45 horses. At 20 km/h the power is 365 horses and the thrust to the ground of 920 kilos.

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