The construction of stone piles harms the living beings of the place

Etxebeste Aduriz, Egoitz

Elhuyar Zientzia

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The manufacture of stone stacks in natural environments is spreading dramatically. A group of researchers have confirmed that this practice is harmful to many animals and plant species and have warned of the presence of endangered species, among them.

Piles of stones are manufactured everywhere, even in protected areas, as they explain in their work published in the journal Human Wildlife Interactions. It has been analyzed how this action affects the ecosystems of the place and it has been observed that this stone uprising modifies the habitat of animal and plant species that use stones as shelter and that these species depend on the microclimate conditions associated with these rocks.

The stones create special conditions of temperature and humidity that are fundamental for insects, snails and spiders, in addition to influencing the dynamics between predators and dams or between competitors for their disposition. In addition, when lifting and moving the stones the soil is eroded and the plants are damaged. All this generates imbalances in ecosystems.

Please, the researchers ask that when we go to the natural means not build that structure and leave no trace to follow the philosophy. At the same time, they ask the authorities to destroy the stone piles already built and to launch educational campaigns that show the importance of stones for different species and the damage caused by the construction of batteries.

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