Lentin fern on rock stumps: Grass of common source


Under the name of Pteridophyte (usually ferns) groups of plants of great morphology and diversity, but with the same life cycle.

They are the oldest wooded plants, that is, the real tissues were formed for the first time inside, especially the sweat conductive tissue. It is, therefore, of cormyophytes, as plants with flowers, and not of talophytes, that is, as algae, fungi, hepatic, mosses and lichens that do not contain differentiated tissues. They achieved a great development in the Primary Age, constituting the main mass of terrestrial plants.

On the other hand, the family of the adiantaceae is very archaic, so most of its species are tropical or subtropical. All species belong to the genus Adiantum.

This genus has about 200 species and in Europe there is only one species, the Common Grass of Sources that occupies us.

J. Terés - Terés

This fern is a fine plant of 10-40 cm and rhizome subtraction. The brooch is slim, black-brown and shiny. The lamina, in the form of an egg, consists of 2 to 3 occasions of pine and special pinulas in the form of a fan. Its cultivation fields are located on the edge of the pinnacle forming elongated and discontinuous lines. This species is distributed well in the tropical and subtropical zone, fleeing from northern Europe. On the peninsula it is quite common, and in Euskal Herria it must be mentioned that it colonizes with relative ease the rocks, slopes and walls of the rocks.

The common grass of the fountain has long been used for ornamentation, and it must also be said that it is very appreciated, since this fern is really nice. They say it is a medicinal herb and that thanks to its main tannins and components (capillarine) it is spectral and slightly diuretic.

Family: Adiantaceae Species: Adiantum capillus - veneris Distribution: normal Habitat: rocks, slopes and walls of rocks Medicinal herb: yes

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