Selection of liver transplants

Until you decide who will regulate liver transplants, there is a big revolt in US hospitals. All centres claim the right to make decisions.

The U.S. government regulates liver transplants. Through self-regulation that doctors should conduct, dying patients should be intervened before other patients.

About 7,300 Americans wait for liver transplantation every year, but doctors have 4,000 livers every 12 months.

Please note that they must be transplanted immediately after the donation. As for the liver, it can last 24 hours until the transplant. However, there have been problems in the US, distribution of centers and organ transportation. There are 118 transplant centers, but half of the operations are performed in the top ten. The small centres claim their rights and, consequently, the debate arises. Some point out that the first thing to do is to worry about the most serious patients, while others insist on the need to transplant local patients.

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