The challenges of fluid mechanics in BCAM

The challenges of fluid mechanics in BCAM
01/04/2010 | Elhuyar
Enrike Zuazua. Ed. : BCAM.

The knowledge of fluid mechanics is essential, for example, to design wind turbines and calculate how their shape should be, or to make planes increasingly safe, larger and lighter. In this sense, the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics BCAM organized a seminar on the challenges of computational fluid mechanics in the industry and, in particular, in aeronautics. The seminar was held on 26 February in the BCAM building in the Zamudio Technology Park. About 60 people approached: businessmen, university professors, mathematicians...

The aim of the seminar was to learn from international experiences to later identify and build future research infrastructures. Jean Claude André, director of the CERFACS research centre in Toulouse for scientific calculation, and Alejandro Moreno, manager of the company Baltogar de Mungia dedicated to the manufacture of industrial fans, were invited to give lectures.

"On the one hand, it seemed opportune to invite a representative of a center of international excellence to share his experience and that is why we call Jean Claude André. On the other hand, we wanted to address the issue of science, fluid dynamics, computing and, in general, mathematics from the point of view of the Basque industry, and so, we moved our invitation to Alejandro Moreno, of the company Baltogar," said Enrike Zuazua, scientific director of BCAM inaugural conference.

Jean Claude André. Ed. : BCAM.

After the introductory conference, these two speakers took the floor, respectively. Jean Claude André spoke about the potential or capacity of computers. "Today, using computational fluid mechanics, we are simulating an engine in its entirety, among other things in our company," he explained.

Alejandro Moreno also mentioned the engines. "Fluid dynamics make a difference in Formula 1 cars over mechanics. That is, the car that wins the Formula 1 race usually has an excellent fluid dynamic system," said Moreno.

After these two individual talks, representatives of different companies formed a round table. The need to launch research lines to work on the computational dynamics of fluids, the interests of transferring these issues to research centers or research groups, etc., were debated for about an hour.

According to the conferences heard on this day and in a round table composed of several companies, "it is evident that many companies have similar needs in the field of fluid dynamics simulation, for which the involvement of mathematical experts is required", concludes Zuazua.

Alejandro Moreno. Ed. : BCAM.

This topic is very much worked in some international countries, but in Euskal Herria little has been done. "To move forward in this field it is necessary to develop synergies between institutions, companies and researchers in the Basque Country," he said.

All these competencies of BCAM try to strengthen them from a mathematical point of view.


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