The lime that feeds the fetus is not sterile: it contains bacteria

Rementeria Argote, Nagore

Elhuyar Zientziaren Komunikazioa

Ed. © Science/AAAS

The suspicion of presence of bacteria in the maternal lime was extended in 2012. They believed that the intestinal bacteria of the babies were acquired in childbirth, but there they saw that the bacterial community of the mother's vagina was different from that of the baby's feces. Therefore, these bacteria should have another origin. Within the Human Microbiome Project, the microbiome of 320 cales was analyzed: DNA was extracted and sequenced to identify bacterial species.

The bacterial species found in the study are similar to those of the bacterial community present in the mouth. In number it is said that there are few bacteria in lime, and they are especially benign species, especially bacteria that contribute to metabolism. If its origin is in the mother's mouth, it would have to reinforce the importance of taking care of the oral health of the pregnant woman, since there are already studies that relate oral health to complications of pregnancy.

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