Shrub with reddish branches: Zuhandorra

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Within this family predominate trees and shrubs, which are distributed mainly in the temperate territories of the Northern Hemisphere. It contains 11 genera and about 100 species, of which only some are tropical and/or subtropical. On the other hand, in this genus very appreciated species are used for ornamentation ( Cornus mas, Cornus alba).

The plant that is studied within the genus Cornus is a shrub of up to 4 meters and its branches are dark red and very special. The leaves are deciduous, ovate or elliptical wide (4-10 cm), entire at the edge, length of the taps and paler at the bottom, with 3-5 very pronounced nerves.

J. Terés

The flowers, in leathery terminals, white and especially between May and June. We want to mention that for several years this species returns to bloom in autumn. The fruit, for its part, is a spherical drupe of black color when arriving.

In Euskal Herria it is common in almost all territories, except in the high mountains. Moreover, it is located on the banks of the orchards irrigated in dry areas of the south. Normally it appears in various types of forest mounds and in fresh scrubs, it is also common in the meadows' fencing.

The bridge wood is very hard and has been used for tool handles. It is used as a medicinal herb because its skin and fruits are astringent. On the other hand, the leaves contain salicylic acid and among the components that compose them must be taken into account the oil. Formerly used to illuminate.

Family: Cornaceous
species: Distribution: normal
forests, scrubland and barriers Medicinal
grass: yes

Jarrai iezaguzu

Zu idazle

Zientzia aldizkaria

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