Numerology (III)

They conduct their own personal characteristics and abilities. From this opinion, at least the different theories that have been appearing throughout history are revealed. They have been concerned about the meaning of numbers and have detailed their universal meanings, symbols, or personal meanings. In the number of May we offer you a first approximation until number four. And as we were in debt…

Number five

Universal meanings: It is the number of chance: although for some it is sacred and rewarding, for others it is uncertain, disappointing and dangerous. The senses are five and the regular bodies: tetrahedron, hexaedro (cube), octahedron, dodecahedron and ikosaedro. There are also five Chinese blessings: survival, wealth, health, virtue and natural death. And the human body is also a star of the five vertices, formed by two arms, two legs and the head. If we look at a higher level, the number five means magician, controller and follower of the powers. In nature it is frequent to find the footprint of this number and has a lot to do with sexuality. Stability is its main lack, but it has the ability to gather the opposites: first number female, two, and first number male, three. The number five is also male, with an average point between one and nine.

Symbols: Mercury, the spell Hermes, the hand, the body, the staff, and Canzer.

Symbol: Symbol: Key of the bow.

Personal meanings: The five numbers are adventurous, talented, intelligent, original and creative. They usually have elasticity and a lot of moral strength, but in secret they are afraid of failure. They are fast workers, both physically and mentally. Sometimes they behave critically, but it is no more than a reflection of the internal struggle to improve. They are sensual and terrestrial. It does not take long to get reinforced with the harshest blows. They are players and players and are willing to risk everything for making money fast.

The negatives with five numbers are sarcastic, fanfarrones, inflated and ambitious, which look for a long time. Some are confused and meats and others are nervous, irritating and mentally unstable.

In relation to the future, it represents moments of luck and risk. You can also indicate change of address or work. It also refers to five numbers to communicate and promote one's own ideas.

They are enchanted, faithful, fairies and generous, although it costs them to accept the help of others. They are also zealous and evil, but only when there are reasons.

Key words: For the positive: adventurous, intelligent, moral, ingenious and sexual force. For the negatives: proud, sarcastic, carnal, unstable, irritable and nervous.

Number six

Universal meanings: Number six is the soul of man, because it represents the gathering of water and fire. It is the perfect number because it is the sum of its divisors (1+2+3=6). The circumference has 360°, a degree 60’ and a minute 60”. The creation took six days and therefore marks the end of the effort. It is the number of love, couples and happiness at home. Number hermafrodita.

Symbols: Venus, Diana, Jano, heart and Taurus.

Symbols: Double triangle or circle in six parts that express the unity of spirit and body, as well as divine and human harmony.

Personal meanings: The six numbers are romantic and tend to idealism. They love their houses and their precious objects. Art, poetry, and music create a special fascination in the six numbers. They are imaginative, creative, have a hand for colors and stand out in all artistic manifestations. The creative capacity of the three numbers is doubled. They are intelligent, liberal, impartial, balanced, reliable, pacifist and domestic. They like a quiet life and around them everything has to be harmonious.

The number six negatives tend to carry their desire to the extreme, so they can be rigorous, responsible, superficial, proud and selfish. There are people who love the talk.

In relation to the future, it indicates the need to always have things at home ordered. She directs divorce and marriages.

Loyal, faithful, silky. Your children will always be willing to help them. After getting married, the couple prefers friends. They do not love polemics, they are generous, ingenious and direct.

Key words: Positive: homemade, reliable, harmonic, ideialist, loyal, creative and honest. Negative: personal satisfaction, superficial, selfish, renewed.

Number seven

Universal meanings: It is a number that directs hidden mysteries, magical and igarmenian ceremonies. In most societies, the seven is a sacred and mystical number. It represents the strength of God in nature and, being indivisible, is like God himself. From the three dimensions, length, width and depth, the four levels of the body are derived: point, line, surface and body. If you add it again and again create the nine numbers (5/14; 28/1:…). On the seventh day the Gods and all things rest because it takes time for reflection and contemplation, and this is demonstrated by number seven.

It also means the previous step to the end and is related to the duration of human life (70 years). Guide the rhythms of life. Formerly, seven types of plants dominated; the days of the week are seven and the duration of the four phases of the moon is seven days. The colors of the spectrum are seven, as well as the notes of the musical scale; the seven qualities of the head (the seven holes) and the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet. The seventh son of a seventh son has hidden powers.

On the other hand, the number seven has great power in the life of a child: seven hours after his birth will be known throughout his life; the seventh day will fall the rest of the umbilical cord; the fourteenth day will direct the eyes toward the light and the twenty-first will be able to turn the head; the seventh month will come out his teeth; the fourteenth month will be erect; he will begin to speak with twenty-three months. There is the force of number seven.

The triumph of the spirit over matter represents the union of three and four, heaven and earth and life and theme. In nature, plants that have not suffered cross-pollination have seven petals, such as lotuses, symbols of Buddhism. In the opinion of Buddha, in fact, these seven petals represented the creative function of the seven planets, origin of all religions, and affirmed that this creative spirit was the origin and basis of all things.

Symbols: Neptune, tree of the life of the seven branches, candlestick of seven arms, cigalata of seven heights, triangle on the square, which represent the cyclic time and the maconic characteristic of the cosmos and of man.

Symbol: Symbol: Star of seven vertices.

Personal meanings: Seven numbered love mysticism and secrecy. They are often diviners. They have fantastic dreams and, being in their dreams, they are nothing practical. They are solitary, because they need to be alone to reflect. Their religious ideas are not very orthodox and often create their own religions. They are very intuitive and also imaginative. Seven is the number of poets, philosophers, and scholars. They need success and knowledge to develop, not to be frustrated. They like to travel because it allows them to know different cultures and ways of life.

Some negatives of number seven tend to depression and melancholy. Others are very silent, sarcastic or useless. When speaking, they are sometimes confused and incoherent.

As for the future, it implies illusion and vague. It will be the moment of proof in feelings and in the economy will not allow to reach an agreement. They must learn to face the facts and assume responsibility for what they have done.

The seven numbers are bravos and tender. They live on their possibilities. They are attractive and individual.

Key words: For the positive: mystical, intellectual, philosophical, discreet, solitary and loving contemplation. For the negatives: vague, silent, dreamy, depressive, melancholic, not practical and confusing.

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