CAF-Elhuyar Awards with quality certificate

Quality works and leading themes were the most outstanding features of the works presented to the CAF-Elhuyar Awards. The authors of the work, for their part, are much younger than in recent years. It seems, therefore, that the immediate future of the CAF-Elhuyar Awards is guaranteed.
As usual, after the awards ceremony, all the winners of this year's CAF-Elhuyar awards took a photo. They had to look at the photographers and be there, while the others were eating. At that time he is closer to a photographer, so it is difficult for everyone present to look at him. Photo witness!

The work titled “Myth of Therapeutic Cloning: Truths and Lies” was the winner of the VIII CAF-Elhuyar Award. edition. According to the members of the jury, the article is very friendly and very developed. Nor can it be denied from the current point of view that the author of the article has fully succeeded, since in addition to mentioning the latest news, it offers a global vision. In addition, the jury has assessed that Leire Escajedo has had the capacity to make evaluations.

Last year's winners were in charge of delivering the prizes to the winners, that is, the one who last year took the first prize has had to deliver the first, the second prize... Therefore, Iñaki Peña, winner of the scholarship to write the book, received the money from Kepa Altonaga and the sculpture made by Imanol Andonegi. Father David, written by Kepa Altonaga; Panda's father was also there, along with the sculptures.

The second winner of this year received one of the warmest applause from those gathered at the restaurant Txzain Beltza. And it is that Gorka Azkun, of only 19 years, has dealt in his work one of those important and inexplicable topics of Physics: Superstring theory. Also Iñaki Irazabalbeitia, in his speech before the awards ceremony, highlighted the youth of the author and the theoretical difficulty of the chosen theme.

Gorka has titled “… and one day the strings appeared”. In the opinion of the jury, the author of the winning article has done a special work to present in an elegant, attractive and understandable way the important and difficult theory of superstrings, using appropriate images, clear concepts and a living Basque.

The third prize went to the article titled “Overcoming Frontiers by Voice”. According to the jury, this article has highlighted the close relationship between technology and well-being. This technology, developed through voice, has been developed by a group of researchers from Euskal Herria and has been highly valued by the jury the dissemination of our scientific community. The work was done by the team formed by Iker Anega, Juan José Jubet and Karmele Lopez de Ipiña.

In addition to these three, the prize awarded to the new writer was for Gorka Orive for his work “Tumore angiogenesis”. This article describes one of the different types of cancer treatment, explaining in a simple way the usual procedures and actions in this line of research. The jury noted that the work is very orderly and developed in an appropriate and understandable way.

Scholarship for the study of small Basque companies

Many people attended the CAF-Elhuyar awards, more than in recent years. Some, always known, who did not miss the appointment in the restaurant Txitxdin Beltxa and the acts of Elhuyar, but –with new writers– there were also new faces. In addition to knowing the awards, after the awards ceremony, we had the opportunity to make a small lunch and talk about old and new topics.

Economic and emerging issues are becoming increasingly relevant in our daily lives, news that often have a direct impact on society. These include the creation of new companies. The supply of new jobs and their stability have a lot to do with the creation of new companies. Iñaki Peña, Demography and Technological Regimes of Basque Microenterprises. In the portal of the twentieth century has received a scholarship to deal with all these issues. In the project presented, the author analyzes in a divulgative way the phenomena of birth and disappearance of microenterprises of the Basque Country, considering two very well-known aspects today: the impact of new technologies and public policies. To make the decision, in addition to the structure of the topic, the members of the jury took into account the current situation.

The aforementioned works were awarded but more were presented: 20 articles and 9 book projects. According to the jury, the selection work was not easy, since in addition to having a lot of work, it was of great quality.

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