African giant and lost paradise

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Plague can be any form of life considered harmful by man. The biological control of pests has been developed with modern agriculture, for which the advance of biology has also had a great importance. It is said that the first success of biological control took place in California in 1888, when the ladybug Rodolia cardinalis reduced the cooked Icerya purchasi, enemy of fruit trees. Since then, biological control projects have been carried out worldwide: More than 250 controlled pests in 60 states. In addition, import control of natural enemies has been a 54% success. Given that more than 5000 species of insect causing pests have been registered and 95% of them are uncontrolled, experts in this field ensure a promising future of biological control. They say it is a “clean” method because it does not produce harmful effects on the ecosystem, unlike insecticides. However, things are not as rich as you will see in the following lines. 400

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