Zernola to the rhythm of hip hop

Arakistain Aizpiri, Lorea

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Zernola to the rhythm of hip hop
01/07/2008 | Arakistain Aizpiri, Lorea | Elhuyar Zientzia Komunikazioa
VI Awards received at the party held at the Polo Garaia innovation center in Arrasate. Winners of the Zernola Olympics.
I. Nogeras

VI Award for the work done during the course. Young people who have participated in the ZerNola Olympics. The Olympiad works on scientific and technological issues. The party took place at the innovation center Polo Garaia in Arrasate-Mondragón, with an awards ceremony for 150 young people enlivened by hip hop, break dantza and graffiti. In addition, previously they were also at the Gomiztegi Pastors' School.

2.E students of Jesús Obrero of Vitoria-Gasteiz have won the first prize and, therefore, the card of the Provincial Council of Álava for a two-day stay on the island of Zuaza. The second prize was for the students of the ikastola Eleizalde of Bermeo, and thanks to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia a two-day stay will be held in the hostel of Plentzia. Finally, those of the 2.D Class of the Liceo Axular have been the winners of the third prize, who will make a day trip to Sobrón (Alava), where they will pass through the canyon and the adventure park of the hand of the group Sobron Abentura. The company Autobuses Aizpurua will take care of bringing and bringing young people.

We also want to mention the VI. That the Zernola Olympiad has received the support of the FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology).

The imagination of young people in the Olympics and scientific and technological knowledge are available at www.zernola.net.

Arakistain Aizpiri, Lorea
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