The values of this society in question

COVID-19 data show that environmental degradation and climate emergency will bring us new zoonoses and diseases if we do not act. Are we willing to change our lifestyle and take root in this environmental crisis? We interviewed María José Sanz Sánchez, director of BC3. Extensive career in science, international climate emergency conventions and cooperation agencies. But he does not believe that the emergency solution is in complex scientific and technological developments. With a comprehensive and sensitive look, the greatest potential focuses on our ability to understand and review our values.

COVID-19, in addition to the great social challenges, has left us great contributions to science. For example, a technology has been in development for years: DNA vaccines. Will a new generation of vaccines be created from now on? An example of this is the self-replicating and sterilizing DNA vaccine being developed in the group of researcher Isabel Sola Gurpegi.

We have also brought to the magazine the topic of medicalization of pain and sadness. Analgesics, anxiolytics and antidepressants are increasingly common in the treatment of pain and mental health discomfort. They are expanding into society quietly, and scientists do not know the consequences of their prolonged taking. It is a difficult and slippery issue, but we found it essential to reflect on how it is managed in the health system.

And in addition to all this, this issue is starring a giant technology: 5G. It is here and many options will come with it, but it has also brought some concerns such as cybersecurity or the digital divide. Experts Iñaki Alegria Loinaz and Zaloa Campillo Mandaluniz are clear that it is urgent to work well on the ethical aspects of technology. Report on 5G as a starting point for the debate. Come in and enjoy.

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