Use of mask against covid-19

Zubia, Felix


The main use of the mask is not to spread it, but not to spread it. Knowing that there are many cases without symptoms, they could be useful.
Masks, depending on the level of protection they offer, are classified into different groups. FFP1 masks or simple OR masks are the least protected. They serve not to disperse our small drops of sputum and saliva and not to infect others but not to protect us. To protect ourselves well we would need FFP2 or FFP3 masks, much smaller, but very hard to wear and more expensive.
The effectiveness of the home mask is very variable according to its holes. Depending on the material used, protection is variable, but in general there is a risk of offering false certainty.
Once this situation is known, the effectiveness of the strategy of widespread use of masks is very debatable. On the one hand, because we would need millions of masks, because their lives are short, and as you know, there are big supply problems. And on the other hand, because there is a risk of false certainty and that the measures of withdrawal are relaxed and abandoned. The most effective measure is to keep the distance between people and wash hands and surfaces. The use of masks should never be a relaxation of these measures.
If you want to know more about the use of the mask and other aspects related to covid-19, listen to this section of "Health Center" of Euskadi Irratia.
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