Identify the mechanisms by which migraines are generated

15% of the world's population suffers from migraines. Ed. Photoli

Researchers from the French Scientific Research Center have found one of the causes of migraine formation: the key is the mutation of a protein. Protein itself has the ability to inhibit the electrical activity of neurons, but by mutation the capacity is lost and hyperstimulation occurs in sensory neurons.

The electrical activity of neurons is controlled through channels generating ionic current, being one of them the origin of the protein investigated. In the case of those who have mutation, however, it is divided in half and produces two dysfunctional proteins. It has been detected that one of them is associated with another ion channel, which is the cause of malfunction and hyperstimulation of the electrical activity of neurons. They have published this in Neuron magazine.

The researchers already knew that migraines may be hereditary, but they did not know the mechanism behind them. Therefore, there is no effective treatment either. Scientists believe that regulating these ion channels can open the way for the development of drugs intended to reduce the electrical activity of neurons.

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